Faith of a mustard seed

Do you know that faith of a mustard seed, you can move a mountain. The more you believe in you, trust in God read and study his word pray the prayers that you want God to hear for yourself and for others . Pray for your enemy, pray for the Lost, pray for the Family, … More Faith of a mustard seed


For the Lord God is our sun and shield, he gives us Grace and Glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right Psalms 84 verse 11

Today’s daily devotion whenever you feel distant from God, whisper God’s name in love and trust this simple prayer can restore your awareness of God’s presence. God’s name is continually abused in the world, where people use it as a curse word. This verbal assault teaches all the way to heaven, every words is heard and recorded. When you trustingly whisper God’s name. God aching ears are smoothed. The grating rancor of the world blasphemies cannot complete with a trusting child utterances: Jesus the power of God’s name to bless both you and me is beyond your understanding.

Words of wisdom

God says love him today and give him everything you do. Your gift to God or joyful fragrance to his nostrils. God sees your dear face knowing you’re his. Your adoring heart is a precious to God as a thousand festivals of praise in God honor. You bring God much delight. Always talk to God, … More Words of wisdom